The Grant-A-Starr Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that focus on the advancement of diagnostic testing. We continually search for programs that will make a difference and save the lives of children. To this end, the Grant-A-Starr Foundation provides financial support to projects or programs that meet key criteria, including:

  • Maintain world-class resources to advance diagnostic testing
  • Apply these advancements in a patient-care environment and
  • Are non-profit.


The Foundation has identified such a project at Texas Children’s Hospital, whose world-class scientists are leading the way with a Diagnostic Testing Research Project. This important project is currently underway and will make a difference in diagnosing child illnesses.

The Foundation is fortunate to have collaborated with Diagnostic Testing Research Project at Texas Children’s Hospital’s Molecular Microbiology Lab since the Foundation’s inception in 2006.

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As part of the 2010 Request for Proposals initiative, the Foundation has funded a research project at CMHH, under the direction of Susan Wootton, MD and Rodrigio Hasbun, MD, MPH, aims to establish a simple and cost-effective algorithm for early diagnosis and effective management of encephalitis. In many cases of encephalitis (32-75%), however, the cause of the infection remains unknown. The goal of our proposal is to 1) identify a strategy for early diagnosis and management of encephalitis in children and 2) to incorporate innovative molecular diagnostic tests that could improve the diagnosis of encephalitis.

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