Stellarr Health Series

During Covid-19, we’re launching a video series to update our supporters on the foundation’s mission to save children’s lives and provide practical tips on children’s health care and safety during fall and the holiday season.

For our first video, join us to learn more about Grant’s story, the Grant-A-Starr Foundation mission and the groundbreaking research being done to save children's lives through early diagnosis. Hear from physicians at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital where funding from Grant-A-Starr Foundation goes to advance critical research. Also listen to Dr. Hasbun discuss his work to identify the neurological effects of COVID-19.

Tune in to learn from our featured guests, including:

Dr. Susan Wootton

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In practice since 1997, Dr. Wootton is board certified in two areas: pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases. She is also certified by the Pediatric Advanced Life Support Program. Her primary clinical interest is vaccine-preventable infections and her primary research interests include the promotion of vaccination delivery among high-risk patients, promotion of comparative effectiveness research, use of innovative trial designs, reduction of regulatory burdens and advanced training of clinical investigators.

Dr. Rodrigo Hasbun

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Rodrigo Hasbun, M.D., is an associate professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth. While at UTHealth, he has validated and expanded his meningoencephalitis study to multiple centers and to the pediatric population. Dr. Hasbun has also obtained funding from the Baylor UT CFAR to study HIV associated neurocognitive disorders. He is co-investigator of the R01 funded West Nile encephalitis cohort study and the U24 funded National Neuro AIDS Tissue Consortium.

Every Little Bit Goes A Long Way

We’ve supported the advancement of diagnosing infectious disease for more than a decade, but our work isn’t done. Even during Coronavius, we are continuing to support innovative research to save children’s lives through early diagnosis.

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