Stellarr Health Series

For our first video, join us to learn more about Grant’s story, the Grant-A-Starr Foundation mission and the groundbreaking research being done to save children’s lives through early diagnosis.

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Advice for families during flu season and COVID-19

Join us to hear tips on keeping your family healthy during flu season and COVID-19 from Dr. Susan Wootton.

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Holiday health tips for traveling this season

Here's how to keep your family safe during COVID-19 as you travel or visit friends and neighbors. Don't forget to wash your hands!

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COVID-19 Holiday Safety Tips

Dr. Rodrigo Hasbun explains what you should know about COVID-19 to keep your loved ones safe this holiday season.

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How has GASF helped with COVID 19 Neurological Effects Research?

Dr. Rodrigo Hasbun talks about COVID-19 neurological effects and the research being done with your help.

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Collaboration at the Texas Children's Hospital

Learn more about the collaboration between Texas Children's Hospital and the Grant-A-Starr foundation.

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Grant-A-Starr Foundation Success Story

Funding from Grant-A-Starr Foundation for new infectious disease testing at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston was instrumental in diagnosing Tyler’s life-threatening illness.

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Every Little Bit Goes A Long Way

We’ve supported the advancement of diagnosing infectious disease for more than a decade, but our work isn’t done. Even during Coronavius, we are continuing to support innovative research to save children’s lives through early diagnosis.